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Reduce your energy consumption.

Cheaper to maintain

The JODEL Heatpad puts an end to maintenance costs by eliminating the costs of bulb replacement, damaged shades, bulb holders, and plugs or sockets.

On for less time

The JHC controller automatically switches the heat pad on/off when the required temperature is reached. JODEL's excellent heat retention and insulation means it need only be on for 6 to 8 minutes every hour.

Trialled extensively

The JODEL Heatpad system has been extensively trialled and tested by Murphy-Brown.LLC., the livestock production subsidiary of Smithfield Foods Inc. The results of these trials have verified that the JODEL system saves the producer up to 77% on energy costs when compared to 125 W heat lamps.

Tested by industry

Because of the remarkable efficiency of the JODEL heatpad system the Irish Electricity Supply Board (State electrical energy supplier) after extensive testing promoted the heat pads in order to reduce power consumption. At the time the Electricity Supply Board purchased the system for the pig producer and the producer continued to pay his old electrical bill amounts until the system was paid for.

Warmer for less

Built in insulated base reduces heat loss.

Less Labour Intensive

Reduced labour costs for creep heat maintenance and cleaning.